The Little Hiatus

Sorry for the long silence, brain enthusiasts. Neurontic went on a brief expedition to California for a face-to-face with the brain detective-cum-neurologist V.S. Ramachandran. (More on this later . . .) We should be back on schedule very soon, in case you're jonesing for some silly science.

In the mean time, I'm pleased to announce that Neurontic has been featured in the latest edition of Encephalon, the blog carnival for the unapologetic brain geek. Other features include Mind Hacks take on Philip K. Dick's peculiarly appealing vision of psychosis in A Scanner Darkly, and Neurophilosopher's musings on what nanotechnology might mean for brain modeling.


Matthew said...

I read the PKD article on Mind Hacks and nearly had a psychotic break! Highly reccomended!

12:29 PM  
ronlawhouston said...

I love your site. Hope your hiatus will be brief.

12:26 PM  
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