Sex or Sanity?

I'm writing an article about famed Anthropologist Helen Fisher's theory that the widespread use of Prozac and other SSRIs is jeopardizing mate selection and long-term bonding. For more on this see: Sex, Love, and SSRIs.

I'm searching for people willing to talk about how taking SSRIs has impacted their sex lives and long-term relationships. If any of you are interested, please get in touch: orlivan [at] gmail [dot] com. If you're concerned about having your personal life become part of public record, please don't let that stand in your way. We can talk about anonymity.


Bad Blogger

My apologies to everyone for the continued silence. Neurontic's progenitors are in town and must be shown the sites.

Science has been decidedly unsilly this week. Good for science; bad for us.

In lieu of an actual entry, allow me to direct you to a couple of intriguing pieces from my compatriots in the blogosphere.

*Waynerad links to an heartening article on abc.net that indicates that scientists are *finally* starting to acknowledge that environment and experience count for more than genetics when it comes to personality: "Don't Blame Your Genes." Anyone who has read "Don't Be Afraid of Your Genes" knows this has long been my contention. The idea that our genes preempt self determination is incredibly dangerous. I'm happy to see scientists rallying around the idea of free will once again.

*In other news, Brain Waves showcases an interesting piece on the God Spot:

Speculation about the God Spot was triggered in 1997 when a team at the University of California, San Diego, saw that people with temporal-lobe epilepsy were prone to religious hallucinations which lead some researchers to stimulate temporal lobes artificially to see if he could induce a religious state. They found that this could create a "sensed presence".
This piques my interest because I'm currently reading Alice Flaherty's fascinating book on writer's block and hypergraphia, The Midnight Disease, which discusses the fact that furtive creativity is triggered by temporal lobe epilespy. The coincidence is enough to make me wonder if the God Spot (or at least neighboring regions) may be the Creation Spot, as well.